Echolab Overture 2 to Blackmagic Atem

Convert your old Overture 2 panel into a fully functional 2 ME panel for the Blackmagic Atem switcher. No modifications of Overture 2 panel required. Just plug in the cables and it is ready for operation.

Overture 2 adapter - $1,130   

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Echolab Overture 1 to Blackmagic Atem

This interface adapter turns your Echolab Overture 1 into full hardware control panel for controlling any Blackmagic Atem switcher. Supports 2 ME switchers, you can switch between ME1 and ME2 with one click

Overture 1 adapter - $565   

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Echolab Identity 4 to Blackmagic Atem

Echolab Identity 4 control panel is the most common in this form factor. There is also an Echolab Overture 1 panel which differs from Identity 4 in firmware.

This adapter can also work with the Overture 1 panel, for this you need to install the firmware from the Overture 1 adapter (can be downloaded for free from the Overture 1 page)

Identity 4 adapter - $565

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Ross Synergy 100 to Blackmagic Atem

Interface adapter for Ross Video Synergy 100 panel. No panel modification required, just plug in cables and it's ready to go.

Synergy 100 adapter - $565   

Synergy 100 control panel - $1,299   

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Control panel GVG100 for Blackmagic Atem

GVG100 panel is well designed and built like a tank. Now it is completely disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, the lamps are replaced with LEDs, new electronics are installed, T-bar are refurbished for smooth transition, all buttons are re-labeled, and now this panel is ready right out of the box to Control your Atem switcher.

GVG 110 control panel -  $1299   

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